How To Make Money Following Tipsters

A large amount of bettors fail to make money from tipsters.

The reasons are simple...

They do not act professionally.

To get the best out of a tipster product you need to be professional. You need to behave like an investor, not a gambler.

At Tipster Street we see many bettors cancelling subscriptions saying 'the tipster does not make a profit'. Of course we know this to be completely untrue.

The truth is most bettors do not follow the tipster advices to the rule.

They do not take the price at the advised bookmaker.

If a tipster quotes a selection at current odds of 5/1 with Hills, Bet365 & Coral. You need to be sure you follow this advice and not bet at 9/2 with BetVictor. All of these small differences in price will mount up over the long term. It can be the difference between a winning month or a losing month in the short term.

The reason why some bettors do not follow the price advice to the rule, is because they only have a few bookmaker accounts opened. In this day and age you need to be able to spread your bets about using different bookmakers.

Listen, we're not like other platform where our tipsters advise prices at niche bookmakers such as BlackType, SunBets, Mr Green or even 'Super Lenny' for crying out loud!

All of our tipsters advise the following main bookmakers.

Bet365, Betfair, Betfred, BetVictor, Coral, Hills, Ladbrokes & Paddy Power.

We're not asking you to open twenty plus accounts here!

Furthermore on each individual tipster web page we give you the information on what bookmaker each tipster uses.

So help yourself by choosing a tipster that uses the bookmaker accounts that you have. This way you will be able to get on every price at the bookmaker advised.

Getting on to specific tipsters. They are all different.

Some use flat level staking, others use a staking plan of may be 1-5 points or perhaps 1-10 points.

Tipsters concentrate on all different sports. Some such as horse racing, tipsters may pick a specific niche such as all weather racing or national hunt racing.

Some tipsters look for a high turn over of winners and the low end of the market. Whilst others have small strike rates because they look for bigger value. Some tipsters may use a mixture of methods such as Win advices, as well as Each Ways selections.

It's important that you find a tipster that your are happy and comfortable with.

Now, one of the biggest reasons why bettors fail is down to not having a betting bank.

A betting bank is a separate bank solely used for your betting.

Your bank can be basically anything from £100 to £10'000.

The bigger the bank, the bigger the staking per bet, the bigger the profit at the end. But you can easily build a betting bank as you go.

For this example I want to concentrate on our Pro Tipster Racing Pro Selecta.

This tipster uses a staking plan of 1-10 points

This tipster advises Win singles, doubles, trebles and accumulator tips on horse racing only.

This tipster is selective with an average of 15 tips per month. So there is no big outlay any particular day. Furthermore due to the nature of the service, big profits can be made for small outlays.

But the example below will work with any tipster.

How to turn my betting bank of £1000 to over £5700 in less than a year with selective betting.

One of the most important things to do (that many bettors ignore) is to look for the tipster 'recommended starting bank'. For Racing Pro Selecta this is 150 points.

This recommended bank is set by the tipster, and it's basically a guide for the bettor to use. All pro tipsters should have the recommended bank stated on their website. If not, leave alone. These tipsters are not interested in helping you, they simply interested in your money and nothing else.

Our bank for this example is set at £1000. We now divide this by the tipster recommended starting bank of 150 points. This will give us the amount we should stake 'per point' in our first month. This equates to £6.66, we shall round this up to £6.70

So in our first month we shall be using £6.70 per point. Remember that our tipster uses a staking plan of 1-10 points.

So, a 5pt bet would mean we calculate at £6.70 x 5 points = £33.50

A 7pt bet would mean we calculate at £6.70 x 7 points = £46.90

We keep to our £6.70 per point calculation for the whole of the month.

At the end of the month we then re-calculate our bank. Our new 'per point' staking will be more in month two if we have been profitable in the previous month. Or it will be less if the previous month was a losing period.

Please take a look at our bank growth table below.

As you can see from the graph.

Using this simple technique our original £1000 starting bank now stands at £5'734.

To move on we divide the £5'734 by the recommended tipster bank of 150 points, this means our new staking per point for the month of July will be £38.22

So a 3 point advice by the tipster would mean a bet of £114.60 (£38.22 rounded up to £38.20)

Using a betting bank and calculating the recommended tipster bank is nearly always overlooked by a bettor. This is the biggest reason why bettors do not make money from successful tipsters.

When you have grabbed the concept of the betting bank, And once you have the correct bookmaker accounts open for the specific tipster life will really get much more easier!

The best tipsters are professional in their approach, so why shouldn't you be?

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